Sarah Hyland Celebrates Dominic Sherwood's Birthday

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Sarah Hyland and her Vampire Academy co-star, Dominic Sherwood, have been spotted numerous times together and seem to be really in love!

Sarah Hyland posted a pic to Instagram of the two of them celebrating Dominic's birthday together recently.

They really look happy together! Sarah Hyland had become close to Dominic Sherwood over the time that they were filming Vampire Academy.

They seemed to be really good friends while Sarah Hyland dated Matt Prokop for five years.

But, after Sarah Hyland broke up with Matt, things started to heat up between Sarah and Dominic as they quickly became more than friends.

Happy birthday to these two sillies! @domsherwood & @ryanjp88 (we did it @ciara_tigerlily!!!)

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Luckiest man in the world??

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The two of them were spotted kissing at the January 15th opening of the Blind Dragon and it seems to be getting better and better for Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood.

It's nice to see Sarah Hyland happy again as we watch her relationship progress with Dominic.

She wasn't so happy in her messy relationship with Matt Prokop. She had to get a restraining order against him after they broke up.

“Matt has been bombarding her and her management team with distressed calls, texts and messages on social media” a friend of Sarah Hyland’s told Hollywood Life.

She added, “He’s knows he shouldn’t be contacting her but he just won’t stop, saying he still loves her. He even threatened to kill himself.”


What do you think of Sarah Hyland's relationship with Dominic Sherwood?

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