Sara Gilbert Explains Why She Can't Do Painful Dare

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Sara Gilbert and her The Talk co-stars have been sharing their fears with viewers this week and even agreed to complete a series of dares that are designed to help them face the thing that scares them the most. However, Gilbert announced on Tuesday that she wouldn't be going through with her dare, but not because she's too chicken.

"I just want to say, I'm not going to do the dare, and I'm going to tell you guys why. We found out about the dares this week, they announced our dares, and I was scared to do it. And I really do believe in facing your fears and doing things that make you uncomfortable, but...I actually can't do the dare because I'm pregnant," Gilbert said to an ecstatic audience.

The other stars of the show erupted into squeals of joy, and audience members realized why Gilbert had a valid excuse; her dare consisted of possible trauma to her stomach.

"The funniest thing was, when they were like, we're gonna put you on a bed of nails and we're gonna break a cinderblock on your stomach, I was like, 'No, you're not,'" Gilbert said.

The baby will be Gilbert's third child; she has two children from her relationship with Allison Adler. She is now married to musician Linda Perry, who was at the taping of the show on Tuesday.

Gilbert's co-hosts apparently really didn't have a clue that she was going to announce her pregnancy when she did; Aisha Tyler shared a photo on Instagram earlier in the day showing the challenge being set up with the caption, "Setting up for Sara's dare. Holy shit."

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