Sara Gilbert And Linda Perry Welcome Baby Boy

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Sara Gilbert and her wife, Linda Perry, welcomed a baby boy on Saturday.

The little guy was named Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry, and he joins Sara Gilbert's children from her previous relationship, Levi, 10, and daughter Sawyer, 7.

Sara Gilbert announced on her show, The Talk, back in September that she was pregnant.

Sara Gilbert told her co-stars, and the world, that she was expecting when she had to back out of her Dare Week dare. She would be laying down on a bed of nails with a bed of nails on top, with a cinder block on top. And then, a sledge hammer would be smacked down on top of her.

Fortunately for her, Sara Gilbert found out she was pregnant!

Sara Gilbert's The Talk co-host Julie Chen announced on Monday's episode that she had given birth over the weekend.

Sara Gilbert, 40, and Linda Perry, 49, began dating back in 2011. Linda Perry is the former lead singer of 4 Non Blondes and is currently a successful music producer.

She has reportedly written big hits for Christina Aguilera, Adam Lambert, and even Gwen Stefani.

After dating for a while, Linda Perry proposed to Sara Gilbert in an amazing feat pulled off with perfect timing. Take notes, lovebirds.

Sara Gilbert told exactly how it went down.

She said, "We go to a park, and we have food and we're eating it, it's really sweet and there's this guy sitting playing guitar, like a street musician, and he starts playing this song that we love... I'm like, 'Oh, that's so weird, this is so magical and amazing.'"

She continued, "So that ends and she's like, 'Oh, I'm gonna ask him to play this other song,' but this other song is really obscure and this guy wouldn't know it, but magically he knows it... And suddenly the people picnicking next to us pull out string instruments from under the blanket and walk over and they start playing 'Love Song' [by the Cure]."

Sara Gilbert said that Linda Perry then "goes to her backpack and she pulls out some T-shirts and the first T-shirt says, 'Will,' and then she puts on another T-shirt that says, 'You,' 'Marry,' 'Me' and the last one is a question mark."

But, that's not all!

Sara Gilbert added, "So then she says, 'OK, turn around,' and I turn around and our mums are there and a couple friends... So I think that's it and it's the most amazing proposal ever and then... this guy walks up and she's like, 'This is John Waite,' and he starts playing 'Missing You'."

And a new baby makes a sweet end to the sweet story of Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry.

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