Santa Is Apparently Working For The NSA

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Santa Claus is the ultimate snoop. Every year, he spies on every one of us and puts us on a naughty or nice list. It only makes sense then that the NSA would want to recruit him for some of their own spying programs.

In this new promo video from the ACLU, they had three sunglasses-wearing Santas walk around New York City and spy on its residents. It's pretty clear that everybody is a little creeped out and offended. You probably would be too if a fat red guy tried to take pictures of your phone or laptop displays.

It may be a bit silly, but the ACLU makes an excellent point. We don't tolerate people spying on us in person, so why do a large number of Americans not care about what the NSA is doing in the digital world? It's all a little disconcerting and the ACLU hopes this draws people's attention to the serious threat our civil liberties face if the NSA is left to their own devices.

Also, you just gotta love that Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald are on Santa's naughty list. Apparently, the big guy doesn't like it when people tell the truth.

If you want to help out the ACLU, hit up their special Christmas-themed site.

[Image: acluvideos/YouTube]