Sandra Bullock's 911 Call Played In Trial Of Stalker

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Sandra Bullock didn't appear in court on Thursday in the trial of the stalker who broke into her house in last year.

Sandra Bullock's deranged stalker, Joshua Corbett, entered her house through a locked glass door and walked through her home.

During Thursday's proceedings, the 911 call made by Sandra Bullock during the break in was played.

On the tape, Sandra Bullock disclosed that she was hiding in her closet.

Sandra Bullock said she saw a man walk past her bedroom door toward her attic.

"I thought it was a wind blowing," Bullock said. "Then I saw the person."

Sandra Bullock then said the man was wearing dark sweatshirt and dark pants.

As Sandra Bullock stayed in the closet and on the line with the dispatcher, she said she suddenly heard someone pounding on her bedroom door. She repeatedly asked when officers would arrive.

The dispatcher said, "I don't know where they're responding from, Sandra... But I can tell you that they're responding with lights and sirens."

Sandra Bullock then walked officers through the security measures around her home to let them inside.

When officers arrived and apprehended the suspect, Sandra Bullock could be heard thanking the dispatcher.

She said, "Thanks you so much for being so... thank you."

To which the dispatcher responded, "Sandra, that's what we're here for, ma'am."

Sandra Bullock was lucky to escape without harm, as Joshua Corbett's intentions seemed nefarious.

Officers on the case reported that Corbett, during his arrest, was in possession of a notebook which included a two page letter to Sandra Bullock calling her his wife, detailing how he wanted to have sex with her, and saying that he loves her.

Officers also testified that during a search of Corbett's home, they found rifles, handguns, and a large amount of ammunition.

What a scary encounter for Sandra Bullock! What do you think prompted this guy to do what he did?

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