Samuel L. Jackson's Obama Ad "Wake The F*ck Up" Hits YouTube

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We knew it was coming, and today it hit the YouTubes. We're talking of course about Samuel L. Jackson's profanity-laden pro-Obama advert "Wake the F*ck Up."

Sponsored by the liberal Jewish Council for Education and Research, the ad plays like a bedtime rhyme for Obama supporters. It features a little girl, with the help of Jackson, telling people that this election is important and they need to show a little more interest. That interest, of course, comes in the form of re-electing President Obama.

The ad banks on Jackson's previous viral success as the profane narrator of the "children's" bedtime book "Go the Fuck to Sleep."

The author of that book, Adam Mansbach, also penned this new ad. Here's a relevant stanza:

"Sorry my friend, but there's no time to snore
And out-of-touch millionaire's just declared war
On schools, the environment, unions, fair pay
We're all on our own, if Romney has his way

And he's against safety nets - if you fall, tough luck
So I strongly suggest that you wake the fuck up."

Check it out below:

"The Jewish Council for Education & Research is proud to endorse President Barack Obama for reelection. We believe his administration has made significant progress towards fulfilling the pledges he made during his campaign. To help the President secure these gains, stand up to the Tea Party agenda, and advance new priorities, we will do everything we can to mobilize Jews and others to support his candidacy," says the JCER.

I doubt the Obama campaign can actively promote this ad, but I'm sure they're not upset about the amount of viral play it's bound to receive.

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