Samsung Offers More Details On The Galaxy S5

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In February, Samsung announced the inevitable Galaxy S5 at Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona. The new flagship device sports the usual upgraded specs and display, but it didn't look all that different from its predecessor though. Outward appearances aren't everything, however, and Samsung has the software to back it up.

In a new overview video, Samsung takes us on a tour of all the new hardware and software additions coming to the Galaxy S5. The main selling point here is quality of life. In other words, Samsung wants to create hardware and services that doesn't so much push the hardware envelope, but rather improve the quality of its customers' lives.

Part of that quality of life commitment comes in the form of a heart rate monitor on the back of the device. This ties into the new series of health apps available on the Galaxy S5 that help users keep track of their exercise routine and heart rate.

The Galaxy S5 will be out in April on all major carriers.

Image via Samsung Mobile