Gigantic 110-Inch TV Now Sold by Samsung

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Samsung this week announced that it has begun selling a massive 110-inch TV.

The TV, dubbed the 110S9, features an ultra high definition (UHD), 800MP display that measures a 110 inches (nearly 9.2 feet) diagonally. The display itself sits in a frame that is similar to Samsung's smaller UHD TV sets, though obviously much larger.

According to Samsung, the 110S9 will be targeted at high-end consumers in China, Europe, and the Middle East who evidently thought that the Korean manufacturer's 85-inch S9 TV wasn't quite large enough. The 110S9 will also be customizable in some ways to fit with individual consumer needs.

According to an Associated Press report, the 110S9 currently costs over $150,000, converted from a price quoted in South Korean won. According to Samsung, it has already received ten orders for the gigantic device from the Middle Eastern region. The company expects that companies, governments, and other enterprise customers will be more common for the 110S9 than individual customers.

“The 110-inch TV has already been attracting attention from VVIP customers around the world." said Simon Sung, VP of Visual Display at Samsung. "With the existing 55, 65, and 85-inch UHD TVs, the brand new 110-inch product will solidify Samsung’s dominance in global UHD TV markets.”

Despite manufacturers' eagerness to move TVs with a new standard, the ultra HD TV market is currently off to a slow start. The market is being hindered by prohibitively high prices, as well as a dearth of content. This could all begin to change next year, however, as analyst predictions show greater market penetration in 2014. This shift will be led by lower-priced components for manufacturers, as well as new 4K content such as the second season of House of Cards.

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