Samsung Galaxy S6 Bends When You Bend It, Just Like the iPhone 6 Plus

Josh WolfordIT Management

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In things are going to bend when you bend them news, it appears that Samsung might want to build a time machine, go back in time, and not make fun of Apple for its bendable phones.

Third-party insurance company SquareTrade has a new video out, and it's making the rounds. In the video, various new smartphones are put through a pressure test – and lo and behold, when enough pressure is applied the metal frames begin to buckle.

The point of note here, however, is that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is just as bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus. Both took about 110 pounds of pressure to start bending.

The only difference is that the Galaxy S6 Edge also started shattering. So, while an iPhone 6 Plus might bend in your pocket, a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might leave you with a pocket full of glass. Check it out:

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Image via SquareTrade Inc, YouTube

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