Samsung Galaxy S5 To Get 2K Display Later This Year [Rumor]

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is already off to a great start since launching earlier this month. The company's new flagship device is said to have had a better opening weekend than the iPhone 5S did back in September. Those who bought a Galaxy S5 at launch are no doubt happy with their purchase, but it looks like Samsung is ready to one up its device later this year.

SamMobile reports that Samsung is working on a new device with a higher resolution display. The device, codenamed KQ, was leaked late last year after it was revealed that Samsung originally intended to launch the original Galaxy S5 with a higher resolution display. For whatever reason, that didn't happen, but Samsung will finally be getting a 2K display device out the door this year.

So, what is this KQ device going to be? Some think it will be a premium version of the Galaxy S5 called the Galaxy S5 Prime. The device would sport better specs and a 1440x2560 display. The international version of this device would come equipped with Samsung's latest Exynos 5430 SoC. The new chip is clocked at 2.1GHz and features a slightly higher clocked Mali Midgard GPU. It would also sport a Cortex A5 co-processor solely dedicated to audio encoding.

The most interesting part of this rumor is that the Galaxy S5 Prime will have a LTE controller supplied by Intel. If true, this would be the first time that Intel has supplied a chip for a flagship device. Previously, Samsung would provide the LTE chip itself and it still will be doing so for Galaxy S5 Primes sold in Korea.

Now, it should be apparent by now that all of this is merely rumor. Samsung hasn't confirmed any of this, but SamMobile says the above information comes from a trusted source that was right about the original S5's specs. In other words, don't be surprised when Samsung unveils a premium Galaxy S5 later this year that makes you regret your purchase.

If you want to regret your purchase now, Samsung is teasing that it will be launching a Crystal Edition of the Galaxy S5 pretty soon. This version of the device is nearly identical to the standard Galaxy S5, but its back is covered in expensive Swarovski crystals.

Image via Samsung Mobile/YouTube