Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon Pre-Orders Start Today

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Verizon Wireless today announced that it has finally begun taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The device will cost $200 (as long as customers remember to send in a $50 mail-in rebate) with a two-year contract.

The carrier expects to have the devices available online and in Verizon Wireless stores on May 30 - long after other carriers will have the device. However, launch dates have become a bit less definite lately, after Samsung issued a statement making it clear that supplies of the Galaxy S4 will be stretched thin throughout the world for weeks.

T-Mobile was originally touting the fact that it would be the first U.S. carrier to sell the Galaxy S4, on April 24, but the carrier yesterday pushed back its launch date for the smartphone to April 29. AT&T's launch date is currently April 26.

Android fans who want one of Samsung's new flagship Android devices within a few weeks of its launch will probably need to pre-order with their carrier of choice. The recent popularity of the Galaxy S phones has propelled Samsung into the role of Apple's main competitor, and not even Samsung's large manufacturing infrastructure can keep up with the demand.

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