Samsung Galaxy S4 Arrives On T-Mobile April 24, Retails For $150

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AT&T was the first to announce pre-order details for the Galaxy S4 so it was assumed that it would also be the first carrier to get Samsung's new flagship device. That's actually not the case as T-Mobile will be getting it next Wednesday - almost a week before AT&T gets the device.

T-Mobile announced today that the Galaxy S4 will be available on its network starting April 24. The phone will cost $150 upfront, and the rest will be paid off in monthly installments of $20 over the next two years. The $20 installments will be added onto your monthly bill, and will be removed once the phone is paid off.

“Samsung has a proven track record of delivering the ‘Next Big Thing’ in smartphone innovation,” said John Legere, president and CEO, T-Mobile USA. “By combining our bold, Un-carrier moves — no restrictions, no limits and an unbeatable value — with Samsung’s leading-edge technology, you’re going to get the most from your Samsung Galaxy S 4 at T-Mobile —hands down.”

The main advantage of going with T-Mobile over other carriers is its unlimited 4G data plan. For $70 a month, subscribers will get unlimited talk, text and 4G data. T-Mobile's Galaxy S4 will have an LTE chip in it so it will be able to jump onto T-Mobile's LTE network once the carrier brings it to more markets.

Unfortunately, unlike every other carrier, T-Mobile will not be offering pre-orders on the Galaxy S4. If you want one, you're going to have to order it online as soon as it becomes available on April 24. If you prefer to buy your phones at physical retail locations, the S4 won't be available until May 1.