Samsung Galaxy S3 Unboxing: Leaked SIII Unfurling

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The much anticipated Android phone, Samsung Galaxy SIII, sees its first unboxing in this video from Italy. Right now the phone is scheduled for release in the UK at the end of May. For those that pre-ordered the divice anyway.

Here in the States we have no idea when they are going to launch. Rumors are circulating that it will be as early as the end of May. Some say June, while others say they will try to compete with the iPhone's release and wait until the end of August.

At any rate, here it is. Unless you speak italian, I recommend turning the sound off and just watching all that will be included and a side by side comparison with some of the current phones on the market.

If you can't tell from the video, the Samsung Galaxy Note, the HTC One X, the HTC One S, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are being compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Keep in mind that the U.S. packaging may be different. In fact the whole boxing scheme could be different by the time the phone hits stores globally. According to TechCrunch, Samsung had early units stored in test boxes that people thought were early versions of the Galaxy 3S. IT turns out that Samsung had these made up as a decoy in case there was a leak. For now, we think this video is the real thing.

One impressive feature is the super-thin design. When he compares the phones one stacked on top of the other, you can really see the difference. For Android fans, this is the phone to have. If they would only tell us when its going to be ready.