Samsung Galaxy S III Upgrade Further Detailed, Big CES Announcement Teased

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Last week, Samsung announced that their flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, will soon be getting a "Premium Suite" software upgrade. The Korean tech company detailed around half of the upgrade's features in a video, leaving the rest to be laid out this week.

The Premium Suite will also include the Paper Artist photo editing app, left/right sound balance, a setup wizard for accessibility options, face detection accessibility features for the camera app, and an 'easy mode" that makes the smartphone interface resemble a feature phone. Several new camera features will be added as well, including low light photo capabilities and a "best face" feature that allows different faces from five different pictures to be chosen for each person in a picture.

Though Samsung's Premium Suite software doesn't add anything essential to the smartphone experience, it does show that the company is focusing heavily on software. In the past, there have been rumors that Samsung might forsake Android and develop its own operating system. That would certainly be an announcement worthy of a big reveal at CES.

Samsung teased such an announcement this week with a very vague video that only foretells "something new" the company will be announcing at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. While rumors that the announcement will concern the (unbreakable) Galaxy S IV have been debunked, it certainly could be a new mobile OS or a new type of "smart" device altogether.

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