Samsung Galaxy Phones Get Norton Mobile Security

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Norton has announced that they are bringing a new suite of security software to Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android-based smartphones. The software provides a variety of tools to secure users’ phones against both theft and malware.

Norton Mobile Security lets users find their devices remotely, much like Apple’s Find My iPhone service. It also allows users to lock their phones via the internet or SMS message, in order to protect data. In a worst-case scenario it also includes a remote wipe feature. This feature, which can also be activated via SMS, removes all data from the phone. Removal of the SIM also initiates the lock, preventing a would-be thief from using the phone by replacing the SIM.

In addition, it includes anti-malware functionality that scans all files and app updates. Threats are detected and removed automatically. The software also screens any SD cards that are added to the phone in order to prevent harmful software from being loaded onto the phone that way. Norton Mobile security also updates itself automatically, keeping its security definitions up to date without relying on the user to update the software.

While the addition of security software will no doubt open up Android phones to the same criticism Mac users have been leveling at PCs for years (malware on the iPhone, as on the Mac, is a virtually nonexistent problem), the fact is that software like this is necessary. Recent data from both McAfee and CompTIA has shown that Android-based smartphones are becoming the number one target for malware. Securing these devices is becoming more and more important, especially as their use in the business world is on the increase.

Norton Mobile Security is a free app that can be downloaded from Samsung's App market.

What do you think about putting anti-malware software on your phone? Do you think it’s necessary? Samsung Galaxy owners, will you install the software? Sound off in the comments.