Samantha Greenlee: Missing Pregnant Woman Found Dead

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Samantha Greenlee went missing on October 8, shortly after a house fire destroyed the apartment where she was living.

Greenlee was 22 years old and pregnant. The young woman was last seen working at a local restaurant and said she was headed home when she left after her shift.

She missed a doctor’s appointment two days later, the same day the fire broke out in her apartment, which caused her family to worry about her whereabouts.

Greenlee was living with her boyfriend Jacob Ferrero, who claimed that the fire started when their dog accidentally knocked over a candle.

Greenlee’s family feared the worst for the young woman and held a vigil for her earlier this week. They said it was not common for the woman to go for a period of time without contacting one of them.

“Samantha would have contacted us by now. There’s a reason why she’s not contacting us,” her mother said.

The woman’s body was found on Tuesday after Ferrero confessed to the police that he had murdered her.

He also confessed to starting the fire in the apartment in order to cover up the murder. He showed police where to find her body shortly after his confession.

The family was devastated to learn that a body had been found and that it was Samantha.

“She was a caring person. She always thought about other people,” her father Douglas Greenlee told ABC News on Tuesday. “She would do stuff for others before she would think about herself.”

Police have not yet released anymore information about the case.

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