Sally Struthers Arrest: Actress Gets An OUI

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Sally Struthers, who made her name in the '70s doing voice work and portraying Gloria Bunker on "All In The Family", was arrested in Maine late last night for an OUI, or "operating under the influence".

Struthers posted the $160 bail shortly after the arrest and was set free, but she will face an arraignment on December 14th, where she could face a fine and/or a three-month suspension of her license.

The actress, who was in town doing the stage version of "9 to 5", is the latest in a long line of celebrities who can't seem to keep their driving habits under control, including Amanda Bynes, who is reportedly careening around L.A. on a suspended license probably as I type this. However, this is Struthers' first offense, and she will undoubtedly not face any jail time.

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