Sadie Robertson Pays Tribute To Duck Dynasty With Performance On Dancing With The Stars

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On the October 6 episode of Dancing With The Stars, Sadie Robertson and dance partner Mark Ballas paid tribute to her family by performing a Duck Dynasty-inspired dance. Sadie even went so far as to get her relatives to join her onstage for the cute samba she and her partner had cooked up for the show.

Sadie’s father Willie joined the pair onstage along with her uncles Jase, Si and Jep to contribute duck calls to start the performance. They were wearing camouflage costumes along with Mark, who in turn sported a beard similar to Willie’s and those of Sadie’s uncles. Meanwhile, Sadie’s feathery costume was designed by the show’s costume designer Daniela Gschwendtner and was apparently modest enough to get the approval of her father.

“I went out and gathered all these feathers for the last month. No, I didn't, but anything with feathers is cool and stones and rocks. Yeah, I mean it's real earthy. I like it!” said Willie to E! News after the show. He also revealed that he was glad he only had to make duck calls and left all the dancing to Sadie.

Sadie and Mark performed their samba to Pharrell Williams’ “Hunter” and garnered a near-perfect score of 37 out of 40 for the fun number. The dance reportedly showed how Sadie considered her family important to her.

In a video shown before her performance, Sadie spoke about how Duck Dynasty had turned her family’s life upside down. “I was 14 and I didn't realize how big it was going to be. But there's definitely been some bad things about being in the public eye,” she said.

Sadie recounted how some comments her grandfather Phil Robertson made in the December 2012 issue of GQ got such a bad reaction from the public that her family considered quitting the show.

“The thing is, no matter what he would have said, we should have stuck by him, because he's my grandpa. Yeah, he's very opinionated, but he's my family, and family sticks together,” she said.

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