Sadie Robertson: Did She Spill Some 'Duck Dynasty' Beans?

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Sadie Robertson recently did an exclusive web interview and dished about her time on Dancing With the Stars. She might have also slipped up and divulged something about Duck Dynasty that the Robertson family--and A&E--might not have wanted fans to know. Did Sadie inadvertently spill the beans?

Fox reports that Sadie shared that the scariest part of competing on Dancing With the Stars--at least for her--is performing live.

"That freaks me out because I'm on Duck Dynasty, it's like recorded way, like 3 months before it shows," Robertson said of performing for her family's reality show. "We get to record it like 10 different times if we mess up. This is like, you get one shot. If you mess up, 15 million people see it."

Very interesting--don't you think? Does this mean that not only does Sadie Robertson get to record over her mistakes, but the whole Duck Dynasty clan does, too? That translates into the possibility of some very scripted scenes between Phil Robertson, Uncle Si, Wille Robertson, and the rest of the guys. Does this mean Miss Kay and Korie Robertson--along with Sadie--might not have so many warm or witty conversations, but perhaps study a script beforehand instead?

Fox 411 reports that viewership of Duck Dynasty has dropped by close to 50 percent from season five to season six. Season five saw 8.5 million viewers, whereas the number dropped to just 4.3 million the following season. Could the drop be due to these allegedly scripted scenes?

Do you think Sadie Robertson spilled the beans about Duck Dynasty being a scripted show, and not the actual day-to-day life as lived in 'reality' by the Robertson family? Will the Duck Dynasty family come to regret Willie and Korie Robertson's decision to allow Sadie to compete on Dancing With the Stars?

Kimberly Ripley
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