Roseanne Barr Tweets Her Rage At Hollywood Machine


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It began with a reference to fellatio and continued with an admission of drunk tweeting. Roseanne Barr's sudden outburst has now been dubbed an epic twitter rant. Because of her status as a funny woman, some may have been tempted to assume a more humorous position about her tweets. But the subject is no laughing matter.

Barr felt stifled by Hollywood decision makers. She stated that every original idea she'd had for some time was dismissed or replaced and as someone battling mental illness, this form of treatment is something she can no longer handle.

Despite admitting her personal struggles with mental health issues, it was clear that at the heart of Barr's rant was a woman who'd simply had enough with the unfair nature treatment of certain groups in Hollywood. Some may speculate about Barr's wellbeing, but it's pretty clear that she feels strongly about experiencing and witnessing unfair behavior:

Some observers feel the very public explosion of feelings is a sign that Twitter isn't for everyone, as often celebrity tweets become big news when their tweets get controversial. This seems to suggest that the famous have a responsibility to put on a public face at all times.

Is it fair to suggest that someone with a famous name must censor her thoughts because she's not working a traditional 9-to-5 job? Everyone has had a crappy day at the office, and it's not uncommon for these experiences to be shared with friends offline as well as online. Sometimes it's no different when you're a woman in Hollywood at the end of your rope. The lack of difference shouldn't be surprising. For all the glitz and glamour and star-struck behavior, the public often forgets that the big names still belong to everyday human beings: people who are as human every day of their lives as the rest of us.

Roseanne Barr doesn't seem in a hurry to distance herself from anything she's written at present, and many would be surprised if she did. For now, Barr continues to express her frustration on a medium that allows her to reach the eyes of potentially millions of internet users, to whom she swears:

In the age of Youtube where a person can become and stay famous all by themselves, it's not the most ridiculous of concepts. If she's not kidding, it's very likely fans would look forward whatever she has in mind.

Image: Roseanne Barr's Official Twitter