Rose McGowan Witnesses "Knockout Game" Beatdown

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Rose McGowan has claimed that she personally witnessed a distressful "knockout game" attack in LA, Thursday.

McGowan was going about her business when a masked man suddenly appeared and walloped an unsuspecting elderly man in the head before fleeing the scene on a skateboard.

The knockout game is an assault in which an assailant punches an unsuspecting victim. In most cases, the assailant uses a single "sucker punch" in an attempt to knockout the victim.

Describing the incident on Twitter, McGowan said that she was out and about Venice Beach when she witness a 65-years-old man become victim of assault.

Rose described the attacker as a “criminal” wearing a mask and riding a skateboard. The 40-year-old actress also said she tried to run after the attacker but he was too fast and escaped.


Rose called the ambulance after discovering that the elderly victim was bleeding from the ear. She also revealed that the victim had a dog with him but the attacker was too quick for the dog to protect his master.

The identities of both the attacker and the victim still remain unknown.

What Is The Knockout Game?

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