Rosario Dawson May Be Joining More Marvel Shows On Netflix

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Rosario Dawson is set to appear on the second season of Daredevil next year, but fans will be happy to know that she may be showing up on crossovers as well.

Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders are all coming to Netflix in the near future, and Marvel announced this week that Dawson's agreement with the company means she could be involved in any of those shows as Claire Temple.

"After working with Rosario in the first season, we knew instantly that we had to have her back for our second. Claire Temple proved a fan favorite in Season 1, and we can’t wait for fans to see all the plans we have for her next," said executive producer Jeph Loeb.

According to ScreenRant, Dawson isn't the only actor who may be involved with crossovers for the many comic-based shows coming to Netflix.

Ultimately, Dawson’s expanding role and crossover potential is only one example of how Marvel aims to capitalize on its complex, interconnected universe. With a Defenders television event in the works, rumors that Doctor Strange will appear in Iron Fist before his own film, and the recently announced superhero line-up for Captain America: Civil War (Avengers 2.5?), the possibilities are endless in terms of how the studio can further coalesce its characters and story lines to create a truly comic book experience.

One of the many upsides to Netflix original programming is that every episode is available at once, meaning fans can binge-watch at their leisure. That may be the case with some recently cancelled network shows once they are added to Netflix's content, as viewers are learning today that some of their favorite sitcoms and dramas have gotten the ax. Not only that, some shows are simply ending and will see the entire series go up on sites like Hulu (Mindy is reportedly one of those shows). For a shortlist of programs that didn't make the cut, go here.

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