Rory Feek Prepares To Lay Joey To Rest At Their Tennessee Farm

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Rory Feek and Joey and Rory's daughter, Indiana, are back at their Tennessee farm this week.

Preparing to bury Joey, Rory is making some tough decisions.

Rory Feek posted a photo to Instagram of their farm captioned, "...making plans that I hoped we would never have to make."

Fortunately, Rory Feek won't have to make too many tough decisions. Joey made many of them before she died.

Back in November, after Joey entered hospice care, Rory wrote on his blog, "A rough-cut wooden box with a cross on it was placed beneath the bay of the bus and brought up here because that's what Joey wants.

...making plans that I hoped we would never have to make.

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He quoted Joey, saying, "'Thomas to make my box… simple, from wood at the farm', she said. 'And find a good spot in the family cemetery in the field behind our house, where we put your mama's ashes last year… with room enough beside my headstone for you to join me someday… in God's time.'"

He added, "Whatever she wants… that's what I want."

While Joey seemed to have everything planned out, there's no doubt this is still an exceedingly difficult time for Rory Feek.


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However, Rory Feek's faith is strong, just like that of Joey's. And that fact brings him much comfort right now.

When Rory Feek posted about his wife's death on Friday, saying, in part, "Though this is, and has been, a time of many tears of sorrow, it has also been a time of countless tears of joy. There have been too many beautiful moments to count or even begin to share in this blog. But I try."


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He added, "When a person has been through as much pain and struggle as Joey’s been through, you just want it to be over. You want them to not have to hurt anymore, more that you want them to stay with you. And so, it makes the hard job of saying goodbye just a little easier."

What do you think of Rory Feek's sweet words for his wife?

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