Ronda Rousey Shares Video Proof That She's Healed From Holm Fight

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Ronda Rousey posted a video this week showing fans proof beyond a doubt that she's finally healed from her devastating match against Holly Holm last November, and it's quickly making the rounds across the Web.

Rousey shared a clip of herself biting into an apple, calling it "breaking news" and saying that the ability to do so just occurred for the first time on Tuesday night.

"Here's my breaking news — you ready? This just as of last night. No problem, I'm biting apples again. I'm pretty excited about this. That's it," Rousey said.

Biting into a piece of fruit wasn't a random display of her hard work at healing up; she specifically said after the fight that it would be three to six months before she could eat an apple again due to the injuries she sustained when Holm kicked her in the face. And while she's reportedly too busy working on her film career to get back in the ring right now, the development comes at a time when UFC officials are scurrying to figure out what her next move will be following Holm's loss to Miesha Tate earlier this month.

Think you can step up to my sixteen second KO? Play #EASPORTSUFC2 and prove it.

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Miesha Tate is champing at the bit to fight Ronda Rousey again; the two athletes have battled it out twice already with Rousey coming out the victor both times, and a rematch would be huge for the UFC, but Rousey is taking time off for a while and it's unclear when she'll be ready to come back.

"I've been ready for that for a long time...but I also know that Ronda is not slated to come back until November, and that's kind of a long time to just sit and be idle...I don't even know what she's thinking right now. It seemed like her motivation to stick around was to have Travis Browne's babies, so...I don't know," Miesha said recently.

Ronda Rousey told Ellen DeGeneres in a recent interview that she had suicidal thoughts after her loss to Holm, and that the only thing that kept her going at first was the thought of starting a family with her boyfriend, fighter Travis Browne. However, Ronda's video proves that she's on the mend physically, so if she's back in a healthy frame of mind as well, Tate would be wise to step lightly.

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