Ronda Rousey Says Fighting A Man Would Hurt The Sport Of MMA

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Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey is running out of opponents to fight.

The UFC bantamweight champion has easily dispatched all that have been pitted against her, often within just minutes into the first round.

She stopped Cat Zingano with an acrobatic armbar in just 14 seconds in UFC 184.

It has come to the point that people are speculating who can even put up a good fight against Rousey. Some have even come up with hypothetical debates, like who would win between Rousey and undefeated Floyd Mayweather or other UFC men’s bantamweight fighters.

Rousey herself thinks it’s a “compliment” that people are considering that scenario and has even said that she “could beat 100 percent of them.”

But despite being flattered by the idea and playing along with it, Rousey has flatly said that she will never fight a man because it sends the wrong message.

In a candid interview with Yahoo News and Finance anchor Bianna Golodryga, the 28-year-old judoka said she doesn’t “think there should ever be a situation where there is an arena full of people gathered around cheering about a man hitting a woman.”

She added that instead of helping the sport, it would just hurt it.

“It’s a real fight. It’s not like it’s a movie or a part of a storyline,” she explained. “It’s an actual man hitting a woman and I don’t think that’s ever acceptable.”

The UFC fighter also talked about other topics as she promoted her new book My Fight/ Your Fight.

The outspoken Olympian also shared her views on deflate-gate, doping in sports and talked about her journey to becoming the world’s first female MMA fighter.

But one topic she didn’t touch on much is her ongoing rivalry with mixed martial artist Miesha Tate.

"I didn't even want to devote that much time to her in the book," the rowdy fighter said. "I could just write a book about why Miesha Tate is a big ol' bitch."

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