Ronda Rousey Loves Her Body Curvy and Lean


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By anyone's standards, Ronda Rousey has an amazing body. But what does the UFC champion think of her physique?

According to Rousey, she likes herself lean and when she's a bit curvier.

Rousey is November's cover girl for Self magazine, and in it she talks about her body.

"I've learned to appreciate all the forms it can take," she says. "I love feeling like I'm inhabiting the body of a ninja -- like I could rob a liquor store with my bare hands if I wanted to -- but I also like when I eat a little more, fill out and get a little bit curvier. I feel more feminine."

Rousey stays in fighting shape, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love to eat her some hot wings.

"I eat about 50 hot wings. I love hot wings. After my last fight, one of the UFC owners flew in a private chef from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro so that he could make me hot wings, because there are no hot wings in Rio! That’s how important they are to me."

And she's only sharing once she's had some.

"The thing is, you’ve got to let me eat a couple before anyone else has any, because otherwise I’ll start eating faster. It’s a race to see who can eat the most. I’m so competitive, I even compete with hot wings."

Rousey recently made news for responding to a question about the gender pay gap in sports.

“I’m the highest-paid fighter not because Dana and Lorenzo wanted to do something nice for the ladies. They do it because I bring in the highest numbers. They do it because I make them the most money. And I think the money that they make should be proportionate to the money they bring in," she said.