Ronda Rousey Boasts She Could Beat Floyd Mayweather

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Ronda Rousey has taken the MMA world by storm since signing a contract with the UFC in 2012. Over that time period, Rousey has won all 9 of her fights in dominating fashion: 8 by arm-bar submission, and her latest fight against Sara McMann was won in just 66 seconds by TKO - a new record for women UFC MMA fighters.

Not only has Rousey been successful inside the Octagon but also in her ventures outside the octagon. Rousey has filmed two movies (Fast & Furious 7 and The Expendables 3, become a star in the next UFC video game, and has been a coach on the UFC's successful reality show, The Ultimate Fighter.

Rousey's successes has prompted UFC owner Dana White to proclaim that "She's the hugest superstar." White would further add to his grandiose statement: "I'm going to go out and say she's the biggest star we've ever had."

Unfortunately for Rousey, the sport doesn't have much more to offer. She has defeated all of the top stars currently fighting in the UFC and is currently awaiting any newcomers hoping to challenge for her title.

Perhaps it is this "boredom" that pushed Rousey to declare that she could best world-famous, undefeated, and current WBC welterweight world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. In speaking to hosts at Power 106 FM, Rousey unveiled her plan to defeat Mayweather if the two were ever placed in the same octagon:

"I’ll tell you what I’d do... You ready? I would drop down to the ground and crawl over to him as fast I as I can and then I’d grab him by … I wouldn't even stand up. I wouldn’t be anywhere near him. I would just do a little army crawl over there [laughs]. He’d have to run away and I’d be skittering after him, like the one dude in 'Bloodsport' who was doing the whole monkey-crawl fight system. I would do that. I would just bear crawl over there, just too low for him to hit me and tackle him down."

(Here is a video for any who do not get the reference.)

With UFC 170 not making the amount of money Dana White wanted, perhaps the Mayweather v. Rousey fight will come to fruition sooner than later. Let's hope.

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