Ronald McDonald Arrested in McDonalds, and Naked

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Back when McDonald's came up with the idea of a clown mascot named Ronald McDonald, they probably never imagined any confusion would ever result. Over the years, the name became so synonymous with the mascot that few people with the surname "McDonald" dared call their children "Ronald". Who wants to see their kid bullied all the way through school?

Apparently a few people. And some of those kids end up growing up and getting into trouble. With a name like Ronald McDonald, who can fault them much?

Taco Bell has recently made retail food hay with the name Ronald McDonald. When the fast-food taco chain started serving breakfast, they took the fight straight to the Golden Arches, launching commercials that featured real-life folks named Ronald McDonald to endorse their breakfast fare. Clever move.

We presume that none of those folks had arrest records. But some Ronald McDonalds do.

One was this fellow, Ronald McDonald II, who was arrested at a Hampton Inn in Trenton for disorderly conduct. He was totally naked when police arrested him.

Another Ronald McDonald, this one in Washington, DC was arrested on a bench warrant over an unlawful entry charge. The local Fox affiliate reported that, "No mugshot was available of McDonald – but we suspect he wore a grimace."

But perhaps the best Ronald McDonald arrest tale came about when a man was arrested for violating a restraining order -- in a McDonald's restaurant.

The 50-year-old Englishman entered the restaurant following his wife, who had taken out a restraining order against him weeks prior. Police were called and the man was arrested.

Recently, a group of disgruntled McDonald's employees and former employees held a mock "arrest" of a man in a Ronald McDonald costume, "charging" him with wage theft.

The employees had filed lawsuits alleging that McDonald's managers were forcing employees to clock out during slow periods at the restaurant, but demanding that they stay on the premises and in uniform, ready to clock back in when customer flow picked back up.

McDonald's has recently given Ronald a makeover. Maybe the new outfit will look better in mugshots.

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