Ron Paul Courts Internet Voters By Denouncing SOPA

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While he may not win the 2012 presidential election, there's no denying Ron Paul is leaving a mark on the political process, and he is becoming a threat to, at the very least, challenge for the Republican party nomination as we progress through the what's sure to be an interesting race for the White House.

Much of Ron Paul's popularity is based on his embrace of the Internet as a medium to convey his message. Paul is also one of the first candidates to embrace the social networking aspect of promotion. With that in mind, Paul is at again, with a move that's sure to attract tons of potential voters who like the Internet just the way it is. To catch the attention of these kinds of voters, Paul has absolutely trashed the idea of SOPA, saying "they" want to take it over.

Here's video of Paul's stance on SOPA:

The "they" he's referring could mean the United States government or the entertainment industry, because both certainly fit the description. Granted, in relation to his career goals, Paul is talking about those trying to enact SOPA, but the fact remains, without the entertainment industry's influence, how viable would SOPA/PIPA be?

Oddly enough, in a survey conducted of Iowa residents who may be attending the Iowa caucuses, Paul is seen as the most "unacceptable" Republican presidential nominee, making people wonder, yet again, how in the hell Iowa plays such an important roll in deciding who and who doesn't run.

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