Ron Burgundy A No-Go For ESPN Hosting Gig

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Ron Burgundy will not be hosting "SportsCenter" tonight on ESPN, the network's director of communications David Scott says.

The character, played by Will Ferrell, has been making the rounds across talk shows, newscasts, and basically every media outlet possible in a huge promotion for "Anchorman 2", which hits theaters December 18. He was scheduled to take over ESPN tonight but, in light of new developments in the sexual assault case of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, it was decided the bit should be pulled.

"Ron Burgundy's scheduled Thurs. appearance on @SportsCenter has been cancelled in light of the potential implications of any news from the State Attorney's press conference in Fla.," David Scott tweeted.

A press conference has been scheduled for today, where it will be announced whether charges will be filed against Winston. As for Burgundy, it's not known yet if his appearance will be rescheduled.

"Anchorman 2" focuses on Burgundy and his team after they move to New York to work for a 24-hour news channel.

“[The network] literally just needed more bodies,” Ferrell said in an interview with Moviefone. “They had to hire so many people, a massive group of people, at one time, to be on around the clock; that’s why he and his news team are on at two in the morning. And, of course, they are horribly upset by that.”

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