Rollercoaster Reopening After Death

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The Six Flags rollercoaster, Texas Giant, will reopen this weekend after being closed for two months following the death of 52-year-old Rosa Esparza. While additional safety measures have been included, continued concerned debates persist regarding adequate size and weight accommodations for rides.

The horrific incident happened at the Six Flags amusement park in Arlington, Texas, where Rosa Esparza was thrown from the moving car and fell 75 feet to her death. The ride has been closed since the incident on July 19th. Tragically, it has been reported that Rosa voiced concerns prior to the start of the ride about the security of the safety harness.

Family members of Rosa Esparza hired attorney Frank Branson who filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family in Tarrant County for $1 million. The lawsuit reads, "As Rosa Esparza’s tragic death starkly illustrates, errors on the part of the Six Flags Defendants turned a thrilling illusion into a nightmarish reality. Customers of the park expect mock scares and delighted screams as they ride the Texas Giant roller-coaster, but they certainly do not expect to be placed in any real danger, whatsoever.”

The lawsuit continues, "Although Rosa Esparza desperately tried to hang on as the roller-coaster car twisted and turned, she was unable to resist the over-powering forces of the roller-coaster ride."

Six Flags has denied that the tragedy resulted from any sort of mechanical failure. “Due to litigation, the company is not releasing any further information about the outcome of the investigation," was included in a press release from Six Flags.

While no amount of money can replace a lost loved one, lawsuits like the one filed by Rosa's family can serve to highlight important issues and prevent future tragedies. "It’s not a first time problem for Six Flags. It’s not a first time problem for the amusement industry, and they seemed to be more involved with providing more thrills than they do safety," Frank Branson said.

The following video shows the view of the original Texas Giant from the front row.

The following video shows the POV of a rider on the Texas Giant in 2011.

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