Roku Finally Available In Canada

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Roku's set-top media streaming boxes are finally available in Canada, the company announced in a blog post today. Canadians wanting to cut the cord - or just get Netflix on their TVs - can pre-order two Roku models today from Amazon and LondonDrugs.

Roku is one of the most popular streaming media devices currently on the market, and provides over 100 channels that for users to stream internet-based content onto their TVs. The Roku Channel Store offers a wide variety of programming options, ranging from movies and TV, sports, music, news, and even games. Popular channels include Netflix, Crackle, MLB.TV, NHL Gamecenter Live, Rdio, and the Wall Street Journal.

As mentioned above, there are two models of Roku currently coming to Canada: the Roku 2 XD will retail for CAD $89.99, while the Roku 2 XS sells for CAD $109.99. The XS model comes with a bluetooth remote control that doubles as a controller for games like Angry Birds, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. The XS also includes a built-in USB port, providing a convenient way to get media from your home computer onto your Roku. In addition, a channel called Plex allows you to stream content to your Roku from your computer via your home's wi-fi network.

The Roku will be released on April 30th. Pre-ordered Rokus should arrive that day.

Canadian readers, are you excited to see the Roku coming to your country? What will you use your Roku for? Let us know in the comments.