Rocco Ritchie: Is Madonna Losing Custody of Her Son?

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Rocco Ritchie remains in London with his father, Guy Ritchie, as the custody battle between his dad and Madonna is close to reaching a resolution.

People magazine reports Guy Ritchie expects the custody war will soon be won--with him as the victor.

At a New York Supreme Court hearing held Wednesday, Rocco Ritchie's court-appointed attorney and the judge agreed that the teenager will remain in London with his father as they work at settling the dispute outside of court.

Rocco Ritchie left Madonna's tour in December, and has been living with Guy Ritchie, attending school in London, since then--even though a judge ordered him returned to New York by January.

People reports that Guy Ritchie and Madonna were close to an agreement regarding Rocco Ritchie on Wednesday, but it all fell apart just hours ahead of the hearing.

A source tells the publication Madonna "is trying desperately to protect her son."

Rocco Ritchie's court-appointed attorney says the 15-year-old is "stressed out."

"Of course Rocco is stressed out. In the few months he has been in the U.K., even though he has just been enrolled, Rocco has missed months of schooling," the source alleges. "[He] has been photographed by paparazzi smoking suspicious cigarettes multiple times, has broken his wrist, shaved his head and been without supervision for days at a time...Madonna sees the damage that's being done to Rocco, who has so much potential, which by his father's influence is now being wasted and destroyed due to lack of guidance from [Ritchie]."

Rocco Ritchie's dad doesn't like Madonna's "old-fashioned" child-rearing philosophy.

"He wants Rocco to have the confidence he lacked growing up and thinks Madonna's stern parental style is counterproductive," a Ritchie source says. "The welfare of Rocco is Guy's priority."

Should Rocco Ritchie be allowed to remain with Guy Ritchie in London, or should he be returned immediately to Madonna in New York?

What do you expect the court will decide?

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