Robot Blackjack Dealers Will Always Stack The Deck Against You

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I love and hate Blackjack. The simplicity of the game means I can actually understand the rules, but the game is always stacked against the players in favor of the dealer. Now a robotics company is removing the last defense players have against the all mighty dealer - human error.

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics had its SDA10F robot deal hands at a Blackjack table last month at Chicago's Automate 2013. The robot uses a technology called Cognex 2D vision guidance to read the cards and deal appropriately.

This Blackjack dealing robot could be the sneakiest attempt by robots yet to subjugate humanity. The robots have realized that we would recognize a weaponized threat. Instead, the robots will now exploit our addiction to gambling. The robots will destroy us with poverty before moving in the robot mules to cart us off to the human recycling plant.

[h/t: Singularity Hub]

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