Robinson Cano is Done Wearing Pinstripes


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Robinson Cano will not retire a New York Yankee. The five-time All-Star has reportedly signed a 10-year, $240 million contract to play second base for the Seattle Mariners, according to The contract also features a full no-trade clause.

Wondering where the big-pocketed Yankees were? How could they possibly let one of the best players in the game slip away? After spending over $230 million so far this off-season on Brian McCann and wooing Jacoby Ellsbury away from the Red Sox, the Yankees also offered Cano a reported deal in the range of $175 million over seven years. However, after the Ellsbury signing, rumors spread that Cano was unhappy that his mega deal was only $20 million more than Ellsbury's.

So off Cano went, under the representation of rapper/mogul/Nets Owner/perfume purveyor Jay-Z, to meet with the Mariners. It's now more than abundantly clear that Seattle is willing to do everything in their power to fill the empty seats of their beautiful ball park and get out of the dark basement of the American League West.


Cano's deal is the third largest contract in baseball history behind Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez. Both of those men are already breaking down, age and alleged steroid use (for A. Rod) have taken their toll. Both missed significant time last season with injury. Perhaps the Yankees learned a lesson? Perhaps they didn't want to give out another $220+ contract to a player who is 31 and already past his prime in terms of athletes. Or perhaps, the team did not think that Cano would want to leave the bright lights of New York City coupled with the pristine and storied history of the New York Yankees to play in the relative obscurity of the West Coast?

It's been twelve years since the Marines made the postseason. They're still short a bat or two and need another arm in the rotation. It will be interesting to see how much more the team plans to spend on the open market and how the Yankees will respond to losing their superstar infielder.

As you can imagine, fans are passionately reacting on Twitter.

Tell us what you think. Do you believe Cano made the right move by leaving the Yankees for more money? What about the Yankees? Do you think they did the right thing by letting him walk?

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