Robert Labranche (Bizzle) Dies at 37, Miami Rapper


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Fans of the well-known hip-hop artist "Bizzle" mourn today as they receive news that rapper Robert Labranche has died, due to a shooting at a local car wash.

Robert Labranche did not have a pleasant upbringing. The majority of the time, he lived in a poverty stricken environment, was arrested 27 times, and also had been in and out of jail numerous times as well. Labranche got involved in the rap music business in his twenties, branding himself as "Bizzle." As his music progressed and became more popular (with the help of social media), Bizzle's music became popular within strip clubs.

Labranche/Bizzle's most popular songs (under the label of Chowtime Entertainment) were "Lip Biting Animal" and "Naked Hustle." I've provided "Lip Biting Animal" below.

Prior to his death, Labranche had started to clean up his act and was involved in programs to help kids get off the street. He also owned a car wash, an entertainment company, a seafood restaurant, and an automobile window-tinting business.

On October 15th, 2012, Robert Labranche died as a result of a shooting incident. His two children were present at the time of his death; however, they were not hurt in the incident. Robert Labranche was 37 years old.

Many fans of Labranche have posted their respects via Twitter: