Robert Griffin III Will Be Benched, Kirk Cousins Gets To Play


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With all of the troubles that the Washington Redskins have had this year, it has finally become time to bench Robert Griffin III. While Robert Griffin III seemed to leap to stardom, and had an impressive first season in the NFL, this season has been very lackluster for the second-year quarterback, and the Washington Redksins who have had trobule winning throughout the season.

Robert Griffin III will be benched for the final few games of the season, and his future in Washington is to be determined after a very disappointing season for the quarterback and his team.

It has also been said that part of the reason for him being benched is for his own safety since all NFL fans remember the gruesome injury that he suffered last year, causing him to get reconstructive knee surgery.

A source who is aware of coach Mike Shanahan's plans reported that it is expected for Robert Griffin III to be deactivated for the rest of the season, allowing the Redskins to evaluate their quarterback situation, and what to do moving forward.

He has been sacked repeatedly in recent games, and Mike Shanahan does not wanting anything serious to happen to him again. Kirk Cousins, who replaced Robert Griffin III when he was injured last season and part of the season, will be the one starting on Sunday and likely for the rest of the season.

Mike Shanahan explained the team's decision for benching Robert Griffin III when saying "We're doing it because he's a franchise quarterback and we want him to be able to go into the offseason and get full preparation and be ready for next year rather than playing one of the next three games and all of a sudden he sets himself back with a possible injury, whatever that may be."

With Cousins in the starting position and Griffin III being deactivated, the veteran Rex Grossman would move into the second-string position. Thee are only three games left in the season, and with a record of 3-10, the team has no chance of making the playoffs.

With a chance at the starting position, it will give Kirk Cousins a good chance to show his skills, and possibly earn him the starting position in the 2014 season. They are also in last place in the NFC East, the worst division in the league.

With Robert Griffin III on the bench, Kirk Cousins, the former quarterback for the Michigan State Spartans will start in his place. He will lead a struggling Redskins team in a game against the Atlanta Falcons, who have also had a disappointing season, on Sunday.

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