Robber Caught After Friending Victim on Facebook

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You have to be a real winner to hit someone in the back of the head just to steal their iPod, but it takes quite the criminal mastermind to seek out their victim on Facebook the day after the robbery.

A Port Orchard, Washington man has been arrested and charged with second-degree robbery after trying to connect, via social media, with his victim the day after attacking her at a ferry terminal.

28-year-old Riley Mullins allegedly came up behind a woman who was waiting for the ferry, struck her in the back of the head, and then snatched her purse and iPod.

Although the victim wasn't facing her attacker and was hit in the head, she was able to notice a unique triangle tattoo on the man's neck.

It must have been quite the surprise when she logged onto Facebook the next day to find a friend request from a strange man she didn't know–one sporting a very similar neck tattoo.

According to police, the woman "immediately" identified Mullins as her attacker. They think he probably looked her up after he found her ID.

The alleged worst-purse-snatcher-ever is receiving a nice round of support on his Facebook page.

"I had to look u up on Facebook and say thank you so much from Canada when I heard this on the news I had to see the face behind someone that could be so stupid you gave us all a good laugh over here thank you never thought anyone could be so f*ckin dumb," says one supporter.

"I wonder how many of his facebook friends are people he actually robbed," ponders another.

Maybe he should've opted for a "missed connections" post on Craigslist instead.

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