Rob Ford Kicked Out Of Several Polling Stations, Brother Distances Himself

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Early voting opened in Toronto on October 14, and Mayor Rob Ford seems to be struggling to keep his hold on the city as its constituents are set to vote for new officials. In fact, Ford went so far as to break an important election rule just to get some face time with the voting public.

After visiting and being asked to leave two polling stations on Thursday and Friday, Ford was reportedly sent a letter from the city clerk informing him that he had broken the Municipal Elections Act, which states that anyone attempting to directly or indirectly influence voters is not allowed to be at the polling station.

Ford is currently running for city councilor in Ward 2, but was seen visiting Ward 8 on Thursday and Ward 7 on Friday. After receiving the letter from city clerk Uli Watkiss, however, Ward also drove a voter to a polling station in Ward 17 and ignored repeated requests by an election official to leave, according to Jackie Souza, spokeswoman for the City of Toronto.

“There was no evidence the mayor was campaigning on the site or telling people how to vote. However, only electors, elections staff and scrutineers are permitted in the voting place so he was asked to leave,” said Souza in an e-mail.

Ford reportedly dropped out of the mayoral race when he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and decided to run for city councilor of Ward 2. His opponent, Andray Domise, feels so confident that Ford will not win that he called on Twitter for any last-minute donors to his campaign to redirect their funds to other progressive candidates who needed them more.

Meanwhile, Ford’s brother, Doug Ford, has taken up the mayoral race and is reportedly both distancing himself from his brother’s tenure as mayor and taking credit for the administration’s accomplishments.

Saying that Doug Ford as mayor was a tough sell, conservative strategist Dimitri Pantazopoulos added that in his opinion, “he can’t decide whether to distance himself or take credit, and therefore he’s kind of doing both.”

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