Road Rage Video: Man's Antics Bring On Epic Karma


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Today's lesson in "your stupidity will bite you in the rear" comes courtesy of a man in a black pickup truck who opted to tailgate a woman driver in a poor attempt at intimidation.

There's no clear indication what brought on this particular incident, though the woman driver filming the incident, Tracy Sloan, claims she was obeying the rules of the road and driving the speed limit. The episode played out on Tampa, Fla. highway US Hwy 41.

Sloan alleges that the man tailgated her for roughly three or four minutes.

Undaunted by the pickup driver's behavior, Sloan took out her phone and decided to film what was happening.

The pickup driver can be seen in the video practically riding Sloan's bumper. Remember kids, two car-lengths behind other drivers is the golden rule!

Whenever Sloan attempts to put distance between herself and the redneck bully, he kept closing the gap. Eventually he decided to attempt to cut Sloan off.

The first attempt failed, but he was able to barrel past her the second time. Unable to resist rubbing his "success" in Sloan's face, he's seen giving her the finger on the way by. Classy!

His victory was short lived as he had neglected his vehicular penis just long enough to lose complete control. The black truck swings violently back and forth in front of Sloan's car before finally going completely off road.

A few seconds later the truck knocks down a pole.

Sloan can be heard laughing heartily as she rides by the wrecked truck, saying "That's what you get! All on video, Buddy!"

The original video was posted on March 26th and has managed to gain 6.5 million views in roughly three days!

Unfortunately for Sloan, who originally wished to remain anonymous, that kind of attention brings with it a whole other brand of stupid.

The comments were disabled because of YouTube trolls and other unpleasant remarks. Persons had even attempted to message Sloan their vitriol when they found they couldn't abuse her in the comments section.

It just goes to show that whether it be on America's highways or the Information highway, you will always encounter entitled, opinionated idiots.

Unfortunately there are no karma poles to run into on the internet. At least...not yet.

Image via YouTube