Rita Ora Faces Legal Battle Over Shoes While Preparing for "Fifty Shades of Grey" Release


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Singer turned actress Rita Ora has faced a legal battle with a clothing brand while preparing for her upcoming movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. Last year, the clothing brand, Superga, had signed a contract with Ora in which she agreed not to wear any trainers in competition with the brand.

A few months later, Ora was spotted wearing Converse.

In order settle the issue, Superga tried to get the singer to tweet more photos of herself wearing the brand. The UK Daily Mail quoted an e-mail to Ora's representative saying "we need to get Rita seen out and about in the shoes." When Ora did not comply, the company refused to pay her fee. A legal battle ensued, which now just recently settled out of court.

Even though she did not honor her agreement with Superga, Adidas offered a contact to Ora in January, according to MTV news. Adidas promised big things:

But the singer's Instagram photos have not been inspiring as of yet:

Meanwhile, the singer is waiting to show the world her debut in the field of acting. Rita Ora will have a supporting role in the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey. Although it won't come out until Valentine's Day of 2015, buzz for the movie is hot right now:

In the movie, Rita Ora plays the adopted sister of the title character, Christian Grey. The Irish Examiner reported that she described her character as "honestly one of the ones that loves her brother [Christian Grey] for whatever. She doesn't know about his fantasies yet, but she's extremely involved and loves him and she studies in France, speaks French, and it was a good learning curve for me ... I had a brown wig on and I was being the smart girl that came from French school to see her family, so it was just a lot of dedication, it was like going back to school." As far as the movie is concerned, Ora said back in January that “It’s gonna be the biggest and most amazing shock ever," admitting that she was nervous for the role because "it was the first time I ever did a movie with words.”

The raciness of the movie has made the singer's boyfriend, Calvin Harris, a little worried that she will appear nude on screen. Ora placated his worries, or so the IB Times reported. To answer whether she will bear it all or not, she said "Nope! Calvin, my dad and my brother had a group meeting to worry about it. I leave that to the main characters." However just recently she pointed out how the movie and book mirrors her own private life: I mean, I like a whip. This is why 'Fifty Shades' is perfect for me because I really love the book. But I like unexpected stuff. A tiny bit of [pain], not too much."

She and her boyfriend recently took their relationship up to the next level according to an anonymous source: “Over Christmas, Calvin asked Rita to move into his Los Angeles home full-time so their work commitments don’t lead to a break-up. He believes they can make their relationship last if they both fully commit to it.” Does that commitment allow for Ora to appear naked in the movie she's making? Only time will tell.

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