Rihanna And Drake Are Ready To Make It Official


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Rihanna and Drake decided to give love a try earlier this year and it seemed like they were just meant to be together. They have been showing up everywhere together and although they seemed like a happy and perfect couple, neither of them would confirm that they were a couple or make the relationship official.

The couple recently traveled to Europe together where things got serious fast. According to sources close to the couple, their time together in Europe made them realize how much they like being with each other and that they are both ready to get serious and commit to a relationship. The sources claim that they have decided to become exclusive and give the relationship a serious shot.

Rihanna has told her close friends that Drake treats her better than anyone else ever has and that she wants to devote as much time to him as her schedule will allow. Drake has been touring in Europe for several weeks and Rihanna recently joined up with him there. The couple has spent every night together and they have been seen together on outings in Manchester, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris.

Rihanna isn't the only one who is head over heels in the relationship. According to sources close to Drake, he is just as serious about Rihanna and making the relationship work.

A source said "he's in the best mood he's been in a long time."

Rihanna has been in bad relationships in the past, including one with Chris Brown, which ended after he physically assaulted her. It's easy to see why she would fall so quickly for a good guy who treats her well. It's also easy to see how Drake could fall for the beautiful and exotic Rihanna.

The couple seem like a match made in heaven and both seem to be really invested in each other.

Do you think it will last?

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