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If you've followed the Righthaven saga at all, you probably know that the "copyright troll's" domain was auctioned off as it struggled to pay court costs and fines.

The owners of the domain put up a message on the site promoting content creation and indicating that it will soon be opening up a hosting service "with backbone". Discussing about how SOPA blackout day fades from view "but not from importance," the message said:

Recent events and the pavlovian salivating of certain legislators upon hearing the fundraising dinner bell ringing from the Beverly Hills Hotel have certainly reminded us that the internet naming system is a serious choke point for any online enterprise. In selecting our partners we wanted to make sure we teamed up with a domain registrar and DNS host who had a history of treating third party requests skeptically, but respectfully. We wanted a partner who wouldn’t dissolve into incontinent fits and roll over on getting a call from United States Senator Joseph Lieberman’s office intern, for instance. We found that partner in Toronto based easyDNS. easyDNS has been providing clueful and spineful DNS and registry services since 1998. Their four-continent anycast DNS cluster fits the bill. Plus, easyDNS’ founder, Mark Jeftovic, is the essence of a spineful owner.

On a FAQ page, the new says:

Righthaven, LLC is a United States based firm in the state of Nevada that amassed some notoriety for aggressively suing bloggers and internet forum commenters at the drop of a hat. In fact, they might fairly be counted among the “prolific litigants” we mentioned in our answer to the previous question.

Initially, we were merely casually interested observers in the legal wrangling that followed and eventually resulted in the auctioning off of the righthaven domain. Once we noticed that, however, we couldn’t resist acquiring it.

But anyway...we covered this yesterday, which led to the new (going by the Twitter handle @righthavened) sending us the following tweets:

Mr. Crum: Your use of our content here: is clearly infringing. We demand its immediate removal. @CCrum237 #righthaven 5 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Also, we demand you promptly tender title to a Marbella villa and deliver three large Sushi platters to our dev team. @CCrum237 #righthaven 5 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Make sure to include extra spider rolls as well. Hypatia loves those. You have until 3pmCET before we file sushi suit. @CCrum237 #righthaven 5 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

We're not the only ones they're having fun with. Here's one referencing some coverage on TechDirt:

New Righthaven to acquire TechDirt, rebrand it as robot porn hub. "...every time I board a plane" @mmasnick #rigthhaven 11 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The humor continues on the new blog, with a post defining "righthavened". The definition goes:

right·havened, v.


past participle, past tense of right·haven (verb)

1. trans. To turn the tables on.
2. To inflict total karmic defeat upon, especially by means of an opponent's purported strengths.
3. To reclaim a maligning term and adopt it as a banner.
4. @righthavened; see: Twitter

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