Replace Your Facebook Friends' Baby Photos With Cats, Bacon, and More With New Chrome Extension

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There comes a time in every Facebook user's life where every single friend they have seems to be conspiring to make them feel crappy about their lack of life achievements. Whether they're posting about their brand new job, their engagement, or their cute little newborn kid - sometimes people wish that they didn't have to see it flooding their news feed all day.

Or maybe you don't feel inadequate. Maybe it's just unbearably annoying. Yeah, let's go with that one.

Either way, if the baby photos are your big Facebook peeve, a new Chrome extension has you covered. It's called Unbaby.Me and it promises to remove all traces of your friends' children from your otherwise pleasant news feed by replacing them with pictures of cats, or cars, or bacon, or whatever you want that's not babies.

The way it works is pretty simple. Upon installation, you're met with a list of trigger words. If the extensions sees any of these words, it'll know to replace the photo attached to those words with something else. Here's the default list of trigger words, but you can add any word that you want to the list:

year old, so adorable, our family, just learned to walk, years old, month old, months old, so adorable, pajamas, eating solid foods, crawling, so cute, is precious, is too cute, look at those cheeks, cutest baby ever, newborn, and mommy, looks like dad, toesies, just like mom, looks like mom, mother and, father and, cute baby, can't wait to meet, gorgeous baby, infant, new addition to the family, first ballgame, day old, bundle of joy, birth, ultrasound, baby feet, lbs oz, toddler, carriage, cradle, gave birth, little one, baby boy, baby girl, 1st birthday, is growing up, diaper, diapers, tiny toes, all snuggly, binky, pacifier, bib, onesie, sockies, gerber, such an angel, what an angel, little angel, little princess, daycare, tantrum, won't stop crying, is finally napping, first steps, carseat,

They suggest adding the name of any new baby your friends have.

The application's default is to replace the baby photos with cat photos from an Instagram feed, but on the option menu you can add any new feed that you want - as long as it's photo-heavy.

Here's what it will look like on your news feed:

I've tried it out, and I can tell you that it works just like they say it will. The only thing you have to decide now is this:
If you're really someone's friend, shouldn't you want to see photos of their most-adored creations? If the answer is no, maybe you should think about removing them from your friends list.

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