Rep. John Fleming's Abortionplex Nightmare Exists

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Earlier this week, as a result of his frustration toward Susan G. Komen For the Cure's decision to not defund Planned Parenthood, Louisiana Congressman John Fleming took to his Facebook account to denounce the subsequent creation of Planned Parenthood's Abortionplex, a veritable abortion factory that "will allow the organization to terminate unborn lives with an efficiency never before thought possible."

Not long after he posted the article about Abortionplex, it was quickly pointed out to Fleming that he just got Onioned - that is, the article he linked about the Abortionplex was from the satirical news publication, The Onion. In other words, he got duped and Abortionplex isn't real.

Or... is it?

Over on Yelp, a social network for people to rate and review restaurants and other businesses, it appears that nearly 300 people have overwhelmingly given positive reviews of Abortionplex. Located in Topeka, KS, the purveyor of wholesale abortion has received an average rating of 4 stars. Here's a sample of what satisfied customers are raving about:

  • Be sure to get the season pass, it is the best frequent buyer program out of all abortionplex like facilities in the Midwest.
  • Thank you Planned Parenthood! Now I can get rid of my wire hanger collection!
  • As a polygamist who cheats on the side, I'm very happy that the employees don't judge me when I show up with different women each week.
  • Love the uterus-shaped hot tub. And that great tagline: "Cervix with a smile!"
  • Just heard from a friend of a friend, that by summer time, they will have an In-N-out burger on the second level, Abortionplex food court!
  • The words of approval just go on and on.

    (It goes without saying that, yes, that Yelp profile is a satirical page. Given the propensity of people, even elected officials, to believe such obviously made-up stuff, you can never underestimate the inestimable gullibility of people.)

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