Regen's New Light Powered Products


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Living 'green' seems to be a growing theme to help make our planet become a more eco-friendly environment.

While at CES 2010, WebProNews discovered a new device that can lead us in that direction. A sun powered charging product by Regen called the ReNu tablet.

Regen produces personal and home electronics that make creating your own power possible, by using sun light. The ReNu tablet is the first item the company is bringing to the market.

Mark Riedy, Regen’s Director of Communications, told WebProNews that the company has already seen a lot of interest in its products.

 When placed in sun light, the ReNu tablet, collects and produces power to recharge iPhones and iPod touches. The ReNu can gather energy from outside or hang on a window with a suction cup. Lithium Iron Phosphate is then stored in the ReNu to create power used to charge your item's battery. Sized at 9X9 inches, this nifty gadget takes just about the same amount of time a normal wall outlet does to charge your electrical device. Consumers have the option of charging their iPhones and iPods through a USB port or through a dock that works with the tablet.

Riedy said, “people want to do something good for the environment.” The ReNu could be one step closer to doing just that. The ReNu will be available in June. For more information you can visit Regen's site.