Redondo Beach Shooting: Police Looking For Suspect

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Redondo Beach:

A shooting in Redondo Beach on Friday night led police to a search for a 27-year old man they say has gang affiliations.

After 38-year old Bobby Darren Reynolds was shot at close range outside an apartment building, witnesses saw the gunman flee to a nearby Chrysler 300, which was later found abandoned not far from the crime scene, and now they're looking for Erick Julian Ortega as a central suspect. Officials say Reynolds was the intended target, but as of now the motive isn't clear.

"They've left a woman without a husband, two kids without their daddy, and a mother and father without a son," said Margaret, the victim's mother-in-law.

Authorities say that Reynolds was completely defenseless against the attack; he was found in the front of the apartment building near Ralston Lane and later died at the hospital.

"He was completely defenseless when this happened, so it's really a shame for him and his family. Obviously we want to clear this up and get someone in custody as soon as we can. It starts with contacting this person of interest Mr. Ortega," Redondo Beach police Captain Jeff Hink said.

Authorities say there doesn't appear to be a link between Reynolds and Ortega, but that Ortega has gang associations and a long criminal record. They have reason to believe it wasn't a random act of violence.

Amanda Crum
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