Record Producer Timbaland Headed for Divorce

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In the world of fame and fortune, it happens way too often. Now, record production phenom and rapper, Timbaland, has become the newest candidate for it – divorce.

According to TMZ, the legendary “20/20 Experience” producer's wife, Monique Mosley, has reportedly taken the preliminary steps to begin divorce proceedings. Monique Mosley, has been married to the “Shock Value” rapper for five years. However, they have actually been together for double that amount of time. They have two children together: a 5-year-old daughter, Reign, and her 10-year-old child whom Timbaland has publicly claimed and 'raised as his own.'

The legal documents have also stated her monetary demands for the dissolution of the marriage. She is requesting child support for both children, along with permanent alimony, and life insurance. In addition to those predominant demands, she is also seeking compensation for private schooling, summer camps, vacations for the children, and other expenses relative to the welfare of the children.

But, here's the kicker, she's also seeking a one-time lump sum payment for “rehabilitative alimony.” For those who aren't familiar with what that is, she basically wants monetary compensation while the divorce proceedings are pending. This isn't even including her potential compensation for permanent alimony.


If divorce proceedings rule in the favor of Timbaland's soon-to-be-ex-wife, he could definitely end up shelling out quite a lot. Timbaland has garnered more than approximately 100 millions record sales which equates to a net worth of approximately $80 million over his 25-year tenure in the music industry.

Timbaland also inked an exclusive production deal with Roc Nation at the top of the year. While the specifications and monetary details of the contract have not been disclosed, one can only assume that the “Ayo Technology” producer banked off of this dea,l as well.

Over the past 25 years, Timbaland has probably worked with nearly everyone of prominence in the music industry. He's collaborated with notable artists such as Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Ginuwine, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, Limp Bizkit, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, Usher, Keri Hilson, Jodeci, Xscape, Nas, Da Brat, Bubba Sparxxx, etc. Let's just stop there! With Timbaland, the list can go on and on for days.

Name a hit between the years of 1997 and 2010, Timbaland probably had a hand in it. In a nutshell, his divorce will definitely be a lengthy one unless a hefty settlement is reached.

What can one say? While everyone is sure the reasons for the divorce are more than what meets the eye, Timbaland may have subconsciously fueled her fire with his own hits. She's definitely thinking, “We Need a Resolution.” But, on another scorned note, she could simply say to hell with all, just “Cry Me a River.” Obviously, she's an “IceBox” these days, and it's not going away. The records denote the perfect sentiments.


Image via Twitter | Timbaland

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