Real Nerd Talks About Being a Real Nerd, as Opposed to a Hot Girl with Glasses Who Calls Herself a Nerd [VIDEO]

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I'm not really a nerd. I do nerdy things, but I'm not actually a nerd. I play Skyrim and wear thick glasses (because I actually need them), but I know that on the scale of nerddom, I probably don't even register.

Some people think it's cool to call themselves nerds, when they aren't really nerds. It's not. Just ask a real nerd, like this one. He argues that a real nerd is too ashamed of being a nerd to parade around as a nerd. I would argue that this isn't always true, but I know what you're saying, man.

I don't know why we're all so caught up on labels (hipsters), but this message from the Portland Nerd Council (Portlandia) if pretty spot on.

[ifc via Gizmodo]
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