Read Across America: The Dr. Seuss Connection


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If you didn't know, today is National Read Across America Day. It is a day meant to encourage children to read and to even dare to develop a love of reading.

Parents are encouraged to take the time to read to their children. Not just today, but as often as possible.

"All parents can benefit from learning about why reading is integral for a child," says Robert Nickell, the founder of Daddy & Co. Nickell admits that he makes it a point to read to his children every night.

"Research has shown that the most important thing a parent can do to help their child learn and understand language is to read to them."

Nickell adds that the act of reading to your children fosters a sense of safety and trust, and can help them feel loved by their parents.

"Their self-esteem and confidence will grow and you'll have a stronger bond with them. All of these outcomes will shape them to be strong and capable adults with positive outlooks and bright futures."

Another important aspect of National Read Across America Day is that it typically falls on the birthday of none other than Dr. Seuss.

Many of us grew up with Dr. Seuss books as they were a staple of the elementary school experience. In fact, it's hard to find someone who is familiar with Seuss and yet does not have a favorite story written by him. Yours truly adored "The Sneetches".

Why not borrow a bit of inspiration from Seuss's birthday and maybe take the time to read one of his many popular books to your child(ren)? Since Dr. Seuss books aren't exactly a "wordy" affair, it may take about fifteen or twenty minutes. In the scheme of things, that's plenty of time to make a wonderful and lasting impression on your kids.

Whether you opt for a Dr. Seuss classic or another book altogether is not important. What is important is that you take a little time out of your day to spend time with your kids in a constructive manner that brings you closer together.

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